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Ending your

by Herbert W. Armstrong

       What are YOU most concerned about?
       If you are an average American it is not the threat of hydrogen bomb WAR that can blast all human life from off this planet. It is not the race to conquer SPACE, nor even the war in VIETNAM!

       The average American is MOST con­cerned about making ends meet. This astonishing fact was brought out by a national survey.
       THINK OF IT! In a wave of prosperity, in the most prosperous nation that ever existed, about 25% of parents are "farm­ing out" their children so that both parents can work!
       WHY, in such prosperity as no other people ever enjoyed, are most Americans experiencing such desperate financial worry? WHY such worry and striving over MAKING ENDS MEET?

INANCIAL worries seem to plague us all! IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

       When you stop to think about it, never in the history of this world were any nations so rich as the English-speaking and the western European nations today! Our peoples possess more developed resources and national wealth than any peo­ple ever had before.
       Yet nearly every one of us is engaged in a constant
STRUGGLE to make ends meet. Financial worries seem constantly to bear us down — rob us of real happiness and joy! WHY SHOULD THIS BE?
       There is a reason! Y
OU CAN BE FREE from financial worry!

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