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Chapter One


N THE seventh chapter of the book of Daniel is an amazing prophecy picturing for twenty-five hundred years into the future, from the day it was written, the course of the Gentile kingdoms.

       Starting with the ancient Chaldean Empire of Nebu­chadnezzar, this prophecy foretells the successive world rule of the Persian Empire, Alexander's Greco-Macedonian king­dom with its four divisions, and finally, of the mighty Roman Empire. Out of the original Roman Empire, symbolized by ten "horns" growing out of the head of a "beast," are pictured the ten resurrections of the Roman Empire that have continued since its fall to the present, and are scheduled to continue until the coming of Christ.
       Among these ten kingdoms which have ruled in the Western world since the fall of Rome to the present, appeared another "little horn," whose "look was more stout than his fellows." In other words, another government, actually smaller, yet dominating over all the others. Students of prophecy recognize this "little horn" as a great religious hierarchy. And in the 25th verse of this prophecy, it is stated that this hierarchy shall "think to change times and laws."

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