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Jesus Was a Newscaster

       Those in Judea knew — or should have known — Malachi's prophecy concerning this. It was the Gospel of God — and the word "gospel" means GOOD NEWS!
       Jesus was a
NEWSCASTER. His news was something absolutely NEW — never before proclaimed to mankind. It was the most wonderful NEWS ever reported. Actually almost too wonderful for humans to believe. It was news of the utterly transcendent potential of man.
       A humorous columnist wrote a bit on the news printed in daily newspapers. It is actually
NOT news, he insisted, since it is a reporting of events that already have happened. Therefore it is no longer NEW, but OLD when printed. He insisted it really ought to be called OLDS!
       The tremendous Message that Jesus brought was
NEWS! It was not a report of past events. It was ADVANCE news! — news of an almost unbelievable UTOPIAN WORLD TOMORROW!
       And it is
       And it was news that we may be
BORN AGAIN! Yet almost nobody understands it!
OW MANY, even today, know that Jesus' Gospel was NOT in any sense a new or different religion — yet it was actually so BREATHTAKING — so seemingly incredible, so startling, it should have left its hearers in a daze of awe! It didn't. WHY?
HY has it never been recognized by the world as the stupendous NEWS that it actually was?
       Simply because the leaders in Judea rejected it — hated it — hated Jesus for announcing the wonderful great news — turned most of the people against it. And it has been so
MISrepresented, so distorted and maligned, that the whole world has been deceived — and has totally MISUNDERSTOOD IT! Your Bible says the WHOLE WORLDall nations — have been deceived about that Gospel!
       The time was at hand, then, for this Message to be announced! The time is at hand, today, for its true
MEANING to be made SO PLAIN that people may UNDER­STAND IT!
WILL BE, in this booklet! And it is a crucial CHALLENGE to you who now read it!
       And you have to
UNDERSTAND what was that news announcement, or you can never UNDERSTAND what Jesus meant about being "born again."

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