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Question of Survival

       We are now in a head-on confrontation with this frightening fact: any one of several heads of nations could plunge this world into the nuclear World War III that could erase all human life from the earth!
       Has man progressed to the point where he is about to destroy himself? Is that the end of the evolutionary line? Is that the manner in which science and technology are about to administer the death-blow to all the world's religions?
       Is it possible there may exist a source able to shed heretofore unrecognized new light on this life-and-death question?
       Is it even possible there exists new evidence, vital to humanity's survival and the peace of the world, within the Biblical revelation, heretofore unrecognized by theolo­gians, Judaism and traditional Christianity?
       If so, with the imminent possibility of the obliteration of humanity, and time running out, there is no time to be lost in searching it out.
       In this crisis hour of human existence, no apology is offered for turning the spotlight on the truly startling rev­elation that has been rejected by science and higher educa­tion, and these vital portions overlooked by religion.
       The book called the Holy Bible itself lays claim to being the revelation of basic, necessary knowledge — the
INSTRUCTION MANUAL which man's Maker sent along with the crowning product of His making — the human MAN!
       Could this least-understood of all books reveal
PUR­POSE behind the presence of mankind on the earth? Does it explain WHY man is as he is — at once so creative and yet so destructive? Does it explain WHY man is so utterly helpless before his own problems, yet with such awesome intellectual and productive powers? Does it offer SOLU­TIONS? Does it give us HOPE?

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Source: “Question of Survival”, pp. 4-5 in booklet:
Why Were You BORN?
by Herbert W. Armstrong, © 1957, 1972.

(To be continued . . .)

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